Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Power of Laughter

Writing a humor book is definitely a boon for the author. People tell you how much they liked your book, how they laughed out loud, laughed on the airplane so hard that people were looking at them in concern. One woman has it in the bathroom so she can read it while she is parked in there. Often, her family hears uncontrolled fits of laughter from the bathroom and they know mom is reading the "Wet Pants" book again. That stuff is good to hear.
Likewise, I heard from a nurse the other day. She treated a patient in the emergency room for some varied complaints. It turns out that her husband, a man she was extremely devoted to, had just passed away, leaving her alone and lonely. She was depressed without the man she had lived with for so long. Her symptoms were severe enough to have her admitted to the hospital and she talked to the nurse that night.
"I don't have anything to laugh about," she confided. "I need to be able to laugh again."
The nurse, who had just finished my book, left and came back with the book, urging her to read it. The next time she walked in, the patient was giggling, especially impressed by the gynecologist with the bad toupee. When she was discharged, the nurse gave her the book as a gift. Now that was nice.
A friend of mine, who volunteers at an assisted care facility, read from my book each day to the residents. She said they laughed and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it seemed that a few more than usual passed away in the weeks after, so we wondered if it had to do with my book.....
We all need laughter in our lives.


Matt said...

I gave it my mom for her birthday. My parents took a month to drive up north and my mom said she was reading it during the drive, laughing all the way.

Jeanne said...

I am so glad she liked it. Thanks for the feedback, Matt!