Friday, September 10, 2010

The Hamster Hotel

I must admit that I perseverated a bit today on a juicy little tidbit I found in an article online about a place called The Hamster Hotel in France. I found out that if you want to see what life would be like as a hamster, you can go to this hotel, which is very reasonably priced, by the way, and live out your dreams as a furry little rodent. Evidently this creative gem is not pricy at all compared to the five star hotels and might be an excellent choice for your next trip. After registering at THe Hamster Hotel, you will find that your room resembles a giant hamster cage. Each guest is outfitted with a hamster mask. (I believe if you want an entire costume, you would have to provide one yourself.) Meals are nutritious hamster type meals; fruits and grains and nuts, healthy for humans as well. Drinks are provided in water bottles with straws coming out from them to get that real hamster feel. Bedding is made of hay/straw type stuff and it was not clear if you just lay on that or if there is some kind of fabric or mattress provided. In addition, exercise wheels are provided for you to run throughout the night. My son, Cory, and his girlfriend, Ashlee came up with some thoughtful questions about the hotel. They seemed quite interested in the thought of being a hamster for a get away weekend.
1. Is an exercise ball provided for you to roll in?
2. Does it smell like a hamster cage? That would not really be attractive to me.
3. Is care taken to limit birth control there? Hamsters multiply like crazy.
4. Is the water bottle attached to the wall?
5. When you have to go to the bathroom, do you just go in the hay/straw or is there a non-authentic bathroom for humans?

Hmm. Good questions. I'll get back to them on that.


Anonymous said...

What does perseverated mean? Does than mean I'm already regressing to hamster level while dreaming of this fine establishment? Funny, Jean. Great questions.

Jeanne said...

Here are some more questions from Carol Nevius Jones who wants to know...

Are the hallways rounded tunnels?
Is there a cheese bar?
Is it a snakey neighborhood?
Does this place also accept gerbils, rats or mice?
Well, then, who will be the first guinea pig?

Matt said...

Sounds like paradise. Why spend extra on some snooty, five-star Parisian hotel when you could be a hamster?

Bodacious Boomer said...

This is a good one! You know I bet a lot of them are dressed up as furries, which brings up a whole 'nother issue altogether. Are these rooms really private? God, I hope so. Seeing two furries going after it might be too much for most folks to handle!

Barbara said...

I think someone is trying to pull the fur over your eyes! The bedding and bath problem, hmmm. And the food? Doesn't sound like this place is in Paris. Is rabbit stew ever on the menu? Or can you special-order blanquette de veau? Is there a bar for the enjoyment of kirs royales? I'd ask all these questions first. Otherwise, it does sound like a warm and fuzzy experience.