Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stressed? Who, Me?

Stress got me good today!
     Today is probably one of my more stressful days I have had in a long while. In fact, I am sitting here writing this just to see if that will help me relax. First of all, today was my sister's surgery. I am happy to see that they removed the cancer on her leg successfully without complication. So I am breathing easier on that account. 
A different kind of shingles.
     Just about the time she was leaving to go to the hospital this morning, and I was leaving to go to work, my mother-in-law, Jean, called me to tell me that she needed to go to the emergency room. 
     She was in a lot of pain over what seemed to be a bug bite but when I took a look at it, Whoa! No bug did that! It turns out she has shingles, which are very painful and contagious.
     The drive to the hospital would have taken just 10 minutes but it took me 15 minutes to get her not collapsible walker into my Mini-Cooper. The 3 bags of needed items she had swinging from it did not help. When we got to the hospital, she was afraid someone would take it, so it stayed in the car.
     So we saw the doctor, and I took her home and went to get her meds. I went to the wrong pharmacy and ended up having to go to a different one after waiting a half hour in the first one. I took her the meds and some other things she needed, got her into bed, and headed for work. 
Clueless in Tamarac
     Now you have to remember that George is the driver in our house. I hardly ever drive but, of course, I am since he is away at a writer's convention. So I am kind of unfamiliar with the workings of my little Mini-Cooper. As I drove toward school, I accidentally got the wiper blades going in front. As I tried to stop them, I turned the rear ones on also. Then I caused them both to clean the windshields with fluid. I finally got them to stop when I pulled up at school.
     After school, I hurried over to see Jean and see if she was okay. She was, to my relief. As I left to go home, I thought I had left my cell phone at work and drove back to work to get it. Ah, I checked one more time before I went inside, and the phone was now magically in my purse.
     I'm home now, hiding from the world and hoping to have a quiet night!


gaylene said...

Sorry you had a bad day, but thanks for letting us chuckle at it with you :)

Anonymous said...

What a day!!

KarenG said...

I do hope you have a quiet night! And a less stressful day tomorrow.

Susan Kane said...

Nothing is ever simple. What a day.
Shingles...I hope your m-in-law is doing as well as can be. Had them, it was awful.

jenny_o said...

Oh, yes, one of THOSE days! Been there myself, and the only cure I have found is to slow down. To a crawl. To let your brain catch up to the rest of you. And when that's not possible, that stress reduction kit would be just the thing.