Friday, January 13, 2012

French Technology

Minnie Cooper
     Just a short update today to tell you of my latest technology debacle. My husband and I have discovered that on our comes-with-the-car satellite radio (for one year), we can get stations that play music entirely in French. Normally, this would be of no interest to me, being that I do not speak any French other than oui, croissant, and petit. But after spending some time with my sister in the fall, I was able to develop a new appreciation for the French.

     Why would that be? Well, my sister loves anything French. A fun thing she planned for us was to watch some French movies, some with subtitles and some with nothing. Despite her comment that we would be able to follow most of the action and would find it very humorous, we did experience a bit of a culture gap. But I digress.
   Once I found that station on the radio I had to see if she knew of it. 
     "Diana!" I enthusiastically phoned her from the car. "Do you know of the station L'Oasis?"
     "Well, no," she said. 
     "Well, we have been listening to it. Either all French songs have "dum dum de dum" in them or they keep playing the same one." I then told her that we had recognized an Elton John song in French.
     Then I had a great idea. I turned up the radio, held the i-Phone to the speaker and let her have a listen. After, I asked her, "Could you hear it?" 
     "Well, I heard something. A little bit like music."
     Then George interrupted my conversation to tell me, "You were holding it up to the A/C vent, not the speakers."
     'Twas true. Embarrassing but true.


MC Howe said...

And if it gets too terribly hot this winter you can blast those AC vents loud at one of your many nearby French-Canadian trailer parks.

Jeanne said...

Oh, it is good to hear the wit of M.C. once again. Hope you are discovering a writing group that meets your needs. Stay warm.

Plain Jane said...

So there IS one thing not perfect in your cute little car; the vents look like speakers. But I still want one.

Jeanne said...

Well, funny thing about that. Today I looked at the A/C vent and it definitely looks like an A/C vent. The speaker definitely looks like a speaker. Duh! (Head thump!)

Inger said...

I know the MC is a small car, so maybe you just assumed everything was tiny inside it too.