Sunday, November 29, 2015

Man Buns

So I am sitting in the back of my son’s car. My daughter-in-law, Shannon is riding with me and our husbands have taken on the driving and navigating challenges from the front seat. It allows Shannon and I to reflect on the world situation, such as it is.

Shannon: You know what a man bun is, right?
Me: (snorting derisively) Of course. Who doesn’t? Why?
Shannon: So what do you think of them?
Low "Pony Bun"

Librarian Man Bun

George Bush Man Bun

Athlete Man Bun

Man and Dog Buns

Top Knot Man Bun

I reflect on the Man Bun images that have crossed my path since they became "Official" in 2013. I feel I can adequately give my opinion based on the thoughtful survey I have just completed.
Me: Well, it’s like this. If a guy does not look good without a Man Bun, he is not going to look any better in a Man Bun. However, a really hot guy could continue to look really hot in a Man Bun.
This conversation, short as it was, sparked food for thought about ManBunDom in general. George even got interested. He photographed a man at Publix in a Man Bun. We eyeballed one from the window at Friday’s as we ate lunch. No Man Bun escaped our notice. (Disclaimer: I do not want George to EVER put a Man Bun on his head.)
My Internet research has proved there is a whole Man Bun World out there I was totally unaware of.
You can buy a ready-made Man Bun on Amazon for only 24.95. “Get the look without damaging your hair or spending years growing it out…Get the Man Bun look without the hassle.” It is described as a attachable hairpiece which comes in a variety of colors, made of artificial hair. The Man Bun is 3 in (diameter) x 1in (height). They do recommend pinning the Man Buns with a bobby pin with some of your hair layered to achieve the natural look.
And, guess what? There is an official Man Bun website complete with a definition of the Man Bun and the types of Man Buns there are. 
The Man Bun is a type of long hairstyle that involves tying one’s hair into a single bun to be placed upon the crown area of the head, or the vertex. The Man Bun may also be referred to as the Bro Bun, Hipster Bun, Mun, Dude Bun.
There is even a FAQ page with questions such as “How do I keep women from touching my Man Bun?” and “Can I grow a beard with my Man Bun?”
Leave it to my daughter-in-law, Shannon, to provide me with a topic that will keep me busy for hours on end. Thanks, Shannon, I am on my way to do some Man Bun scouting!

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