Friday, November 27, 2015

Being Thankful

As usual we went to a favorite restaurant on the beach to have Thanksgiving dinner. The food was excellent. We noticed that there were so many elderly people there, that it seemed like a nursing home Thanksgiving.  Walkers, wheelchairs and canes clogged up the aisles. Heaven help us if we should have to evacuate for a storm, the medical equipment alone would have caused us to trample each other in our quest to escape.
George is the Camera Dude.
It was a very windy day. We looked out the window toward the beach. There were a couple of kite things in the air, bouncing around in the wind. A man in a lawn chair was airlifted for a few moments, until he crashed back down to the sand. That was interesting.

What Thanksgiving Day is complete without getting beat in Scrabble by your oldest son? And having him play the ukulele for you? Life is complete.
Abbey watched with interest.
Telephone call from youngest son and wife and all is well with the world. Thanksgiving is all about the food and the feelings but most of all about the people you are with.

Abbey moved in closer.

The next day,  we spend time with Jeff at our current favorite place to eat. Tijuana Flats, which was originated by a UCF alumnus (where Jeff went to school.) Jeff lined up his hot sauce, prepared to dig in.
Loved this time together. Wish Cory and Ashlee had been here also but another time....

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