Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Visit With Uncle Bill

A Day With Uncle Bill

So when we got to Uncle Bill's, he was sound asleep. We used to take him to church on Sundays but he decided he did not want to go any more. I think it was because he likes to sleep late. He does not wake up till 1:00 PM or later.
Today the aide arrived and got him up. He is always confused when he wakes up and today was no different.
UB: Hey, did you hear what happened? The girl, the aide that was here the other night, got a call from the office. When she got there, a football player, a linebacker, threw her through a window. Broke both her legs."
I knew better than to get all upset. 
UB: Did you hear that the roads are all washed out up by Lake Okeechobee? It is flooding and is heading here next.
Me: I think we are safe.
UB: That is what everyone thinks. But it is coming soon and we are going to have to stay put in our homes with our storm windows up. It is going to be really bad. The mayor of Illinois came out and looked at the mess and said it was terribly bad. And he knows his stuff.
Me: (trying to change subject) Did you know that tomorrow is Cory's birthday?
UB: No, really? Where does he live?
Me: Texas.
UB: Oh, yeah. Well, tell him to stay away from the floodwaters heading their way. The water in Okeechobee is going to fill up the Mississippi and it will travel down to the Gulf and they are going to see more water than they ever have.
Me: Well, it is time for us to go. We will come by and visit you Tuesday.
UB: Well be careful and don't go to the Mississippi. Stay inland to be safe. Quite a ways inland.
Me: We will.

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