Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Cruise Words!

Go Figure!

Reflections on the people on a cruise: It always amazes me that there are people in the world who have a hard time just being happy.  On our cruise, I only noticed two Grinches. Out of about 6,000 people, including crew and passengers, I figure that is a pretty good percentage. About 97% or more.
Unfortunately, I ran across the path of these two women and that gave me some pause for thinking. It is quite a shock to be dunked into the myriad of deliriously happy and relaxed passengers who are just enjoying life and then run across one of these people. Let’s just say that cruising did not help them relax any. So they took it out on those around them!


The Pissed Pee-er
The first lady was one I followed to the restroom near the theater. She first became annoyed because the wheelchair restroom, which she did not require, was locked because there was someone in there.
“Jesus!” she muttered.
I kindly pointed to the Ladies Room across the hall. She glared at me and headed that way. I think she wanted to continue to be inconvenienced and my helpfulness did not allow that. I noted the restroom and held the door for her. She refused it and got annoyed at me.
“I’m holding the door for you!” she said.
OK then. Once inside, wow!
This lady did not like the beautiful bathroom. She peed without any fuss, thank you, and started in again when she got to the fancy water spigots.
“Jesus!” she exclaimed as she managed the water. Then we came to the paper towels. Holy moly. She did not have the magic touch to have the paper towels come out of the machine.
“Jesus Christ!”
By the time she exited the bathroom, I was praying for her family on the cruise. Also praying I did not run into her again. Well, I did not. But at the end of the trip, the very end, as we were waiting to debark, Number Two reared her ugly head.


Thankless Person #2
She was using a walker, which is not an excuse for bad behavior.  But she was an angry person and took it out on the staff members who were trying very hard to meet her (many) needs.  Of course the staff members are all international, which is one of the charming things about cruising. She barked an order at one of the stewards. He did not understand her order.
“Can’t you speak English?” she rudely asked. That was it for me. Part of me wanted to run over and give her what-for but I felt it would embarrass the cruise staffers who had been so professional. So after she left, I just went over and commiserated with them.
Me: Hard to please someone who hasn’t had any for 30 years, isn’t it?

It was good to see them smile.

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