Sunday, October 16, 2011

Better Late than Never

     Well I have not fallen off the earth, just off my blog. Some persistent health issues plagued me, then I had to make a trip up to Illinois to see my sister, who is dealing with a sarcoma in her leg. I know she is going to be okay but it is hard to see a family member going through all of the issues she has experienced.
      Diana has always been a healthy person, whereas I got the short end of the stick in the health department. My first health problems probably started around 2 years of age (I had a seizure, called convulsions then, scaring my family) and had to start wearing glasses. Throughout out my life I have had back troubles, knee troubles, and odd looking feet that doctors always look amazed at. I have had several hospitalizations, allergies and various surgeries. Hospitals have been my home away from home.
      Diana, on the other hand, has been annoyingly healthy all throughout my life. Other than braces, I can't think of a problem at all. Until she hit the magic age of after 50. Quite a bit after 50, in fact. Not only has she had some health problems but none of them seem related. It is like the warranty on some of her body parts has expired, where, in my case, probably my mother should have invoked the Lemon Law and sent me back for a newer model.
Spoon Antics by Diana
   I explained to my sister that you are not supposed to store up all your health problems but gradually release them at around, say, age 2, so that you space them out nicely during your life. At any rate, we are there for her for whatever she needs. Right now, she is suffering extreme boredom along with the pain. (See picture)
     Of course, for the trip, George had to accompany me, because while I was helping Diana he needed to be there to make sure I did not fall down any stairs, or get stuck in any car back seats or trip over one of her cats. What a pair we are!
George B.S. (Before Staples)
     Now that we are home, we have been very busy. Of course, George had to get into the act and garner a little sympathy for himself. He hit his head on an awning and put a nasty open gash on his head. Off we went for staples in his head, which I could have done for him at home with my Swingline.

Darn Map!

     Last night, going to a party across town, we discovered that if you print off a map on Google, don't forget to enlarge it. We got to the neighborhood. I was squinting at the map.
     "George, I can't read this."
      George asked, "What can't you read?"
Google or goggle? You be the judge.
     "The whole thing," I said, squinting more. I turned on the inside light. The only word I could make out was Google.

     Or maybe it said Goggle. Even with my high power glasses on, I could not read anything on that map.
     George took it from me. He examined it closely. "Well, let's just drive around the neighborhood until we see a house with a lot of cars at it."
     Good plan. The first house we found had a lot of cars but we did not recognize any of them. The second house, VOILA! We saw our friend, Joe's car! Who needs a map?


Bodaciousboomer said...

Am I confusing you with someone else or don't you guys have a new Mini Cooper? If so doesn't it have GPS, or do you just enjoy playing Magellan?

I really liked the Swingline line BTW.

Jeanne said...

It was just a test to see if you were paying attention. No, you are right. We do have a Mini Cooper. The GPS did not come with it. My son bought it for us. When I offered to set it for this trip, George said, "No, I don't need it. I know how to get there." So I did not set it to help us. It would have helped, the print is bigger!