Monday, September 26, 2011

Traveling Part Deux

     How do people afford to travel? Here we are, not on a pleasure trip but on one to support a family member and it costs an arm and a leg to fly, rent a car, go out to eat and last but not least, pay for parking at the hospital. Now, mind you this is an impressive hospital. Loyola near Chicago has a great reputation. The building is huge, a series of buildings, really, beautiful and well taken care of. Each building has a really nice coffee and food bar located in it, beautiful waiting rooms, gardens, etc. Well, no wonder.

     My sister had to go to 4 different buildings today. They are quite a distance apart and the day is cold and rainy and she has a very painful leg. Obviously we don't want her walking. So George drops off her and I at the building and he goes and parks. Then he comes and finds us and we finish at one building. He goes and gets the car and drives us to the next building. Etc. The catch-22 is that you pay 5.00 each time you park. So for one day of tests, we run up a parking bill of 20.00. I know where they get their funding.

     My day was very interesting though. People watching is my favorite hospital activity and they were out in full force today. My favorite person got out before I was able to sneak a photo of him, much to my dismay. I am always amazed by the young men who like to wear the falling down pants, some down to their knees, with their boxer shorts showing. Well this guy did something I had never seen. He had cut out the entire seat of his pants so that there was a giant hole in the back with his butt showing. (He had boxer shorts on though). It caused quite a stir in the MRI room, I can tell you that. I am sorry not to have photos but I can give you the flavor of the moment...

It was nothing like these. Darn!
The rip was bigger than this. But he had boxer shorts.
The hole was bigger than this. No guy's head poked through it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a stressful day...thankfully Mr Hole In The Pants gave you a chuckle.

Jeanne said...

That is what is wonderful about life. Just when you think you are down, a Mr. Hole-In-The-Pants shows up to give you a laff.

Lola X said...

Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

Lola x