Saturday, September 17, 2011

Going VIral


     I finally found out what going viral means. I keep hearing about videos and songs going viral and wondered just how they do that. Well it's more mysterious than even I imagined. Our family seems to be going viral in addition, and it's not a pretty sight.

     My daughter-in-law, Ashlee and my son, Cory both have managed to get sick this past week. Ashlee has been without a voice and they both have been pretty sick, a difficulty for when you still have to go to work. My other son, Jeff, has also been sick with the same thing. 

     This week it is my turn. No voice, sore throat and feeling pretty punky. Of course I started out with diverticulitis and a really weird rash. All cleared up and now a cold. So what does going viral really mean? It means it can bounce from Orlando, Fl to Louisville, Ky and back again to Tamarac, Fl.  I think I would rather prefer going viral to be a video that is seen all over the world, or something that makes me ultra rich and famous. A kind of viral that does not involve excessive use of tissues.


The Time Sculptor said...

Very amusing Jeanne :-) Hope you're all better now and you never know... that might be it for the autumn and winter!
Maybe if you'd videod the family feeling sorry for themselves, snuffling and talking through their noses, then posted it on YouTube, that would have gone viral too? Perhaps next time...
Jane Gray

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...hope everyone is feeling better soon. Cough in your sleeve.

Bodacious Boomer said...

Sorry you're down yet again young one. I think it's about time for you to get well and stay well.