Sunday, October 30, 2011

My AARP Comments

     I like to look through the AARP little newspaper thingy. There is some pretty good information in there, in addition to some heavy reminders of why I, Jeanne Kraus, am receiving this in the mail. After all, I am not a spring chicken any more. But, rather than write in and respond to AARP, I think I will make my comments online.
     The first thing that caught my eye was very interesting indeed. There are now companies that will send someone to fly with you if you are not as agile as you used to be. You can pay someone to be your companion to fly with you. They can even help you check into a hotel and make sure you get to your destination. But the article does not mention what happens at the end. Do you send them on their way with a merry "Thanks for the memories!" or do you offer them your body as a thank you. Oh, wait, these are senior citizens we are talking about. So I guess the companion just goes on back home.
     I think for now, I will stick with my husband George. He is free and is good at carrying the luggage. He doesn't talk much but I think I would rather travel with him.

This is an unidentified sunbather in a Speedo. 

The second article I read was just an outrage. A man, 61 years old, lost his lifeguard job. According to him, he lost it because he refused to wear Speedo type swimshorts. He wanted something that covered a bit more. I say, Good for you, mister! No one wants to see a 61 year old in a Speedo. I hope he keeps on fighting the fight.
     AARP does not tell you, that because of these hazards of vacationing, you should stay home in your senior years. Eau contraire, they advertise such active senior activities as zip-lining and rapids rafting and bicycling. Just watch out for the men in Speedos.


KarenG said...

I think I could accept my age better if I didn't live surrounded by 30 year olds.

Anonymous said...

I forget how old I am until someone calls me "dear" and offers to carry my tray to my table at Williams. Speedos....ich.....I don't like them on anyone.

Bodacious Boomer said...

I'm with you on the Speedos- for sure.

Bodacious Boomer said...

No one wants to see a 60 yr. old man in a Speedo, even a 70 yr. old woman.

Michael Offutt said...

Oh the joys of age. Our society is so good at bringing people into this world. But as we get older...there are hardly any ways for us to age gracefully.