Friday, July 22, 2011

Who Am I, Really?

     I am having this spell of uncontrolled insomnia. I am up most of the night till about 5:00 AM and then I finally pass out into a deep sleep till about 9:30 AM. It is very annoying. However, I have found a whole new world of TV.
     Did you know that you can watch a "Get A Better Bra" infomercial at almost any time of the night? Approximately 10 of my channels are in Spanish, another 5-6 are wrestling, there's usually a couple "Praise the Lord" shows, and of course reruns. Law and Order, House, Bones, Seinfeld, Friends and Everyone Loves Raymond are topping the numbers of times shown. Then there are a number of informercials, which in my weakened sleep-deprived state, look very interesting to me.
     There are some things I can do while not sleeping. I play Scrabble and other word games online. I play Family Feud, a really annoying game but hey...I'm awake. I catch up on Facebook and emails. That's why you get messages from me at all hours.
     I have a new philosophy of life based on these experiences.
1. Sleep is highly under-rated. If you can sleep, enjoy it.
2. The best channel to watch in the wee hours is one that has just the Test Pattern showing. It keeps you from getting too involved in the plot.
3. Men (husbands) are especially annoying when you can't sleep. Obviously, nothing stays on their brains at night. Mine falls asleep instantly and thoroughly as I toss and turn.

Even my dog is sleeping.
And my cats.


Anonymous said...

Do you find yourself falling asleep during the day?
Usually if I can't sleep at night the next day all I have to do is sit down and I am goners.
Oh well, call me if you can't sleep. I sit up half the night reading.

Bodacious Boomer said...

Jsut popping by B4 leaving for the show.

I feel your pain about the insomnia young one. I haven't slept through the night since Nixon was in office.