Saturday, July 16, 2011

Want to Know What I'm Doing?

     The Modern Age of Technology is truly amazing. My Facebook friends and family members can let me know at any given time where they are. The first time this happened my older son Jeff was driving down from Orlando to visit. He connected me up to a tracker so that I could see where he was the whole trip. It worked really well. When the car showed that it was at our street, there he was, outside the door.  But it meant that I spent much more time than necessary seeing where he was every few minutes on the computer.

     Now everyone lets you know on Facebook where they are. They must all think their schedules are terribly interesting.
12:36 ________ checked into Home Depot.         
1:00  ________ went to Dairy Queen
2:00 ________ went to Water Wonderland 
9:00 ________ is at the mall.

What I am finding out that is interesting is that (1). My kids eat out a lot more than I do. Bummer. (2). Most people are leading more interesting lives than I am. Another Bummer. (3). Many people go on vacation in the summer. I know what airports they are at, who they are with, and where they are going. 

My vacation consists of the area around Tamarac, Fl. So I am going to post my goings on also. Just to be part of the crowd. I don't have an I-phone so will have to post them by hand. Here is a sample.
10:00 Head to bathroom to pee.
10:30 Take dog outside to pee.
10:45 Look for cat who is missing.
10:55 Pee again.
11:00 Computer time
11:30 Look for cat again. Still missing. She might be under the bed but it is too much effort for me to get down there and back up again.
12:00 Read Facebook to see where everybody else is going. 
12:45 Empty dishwasher and contemplate organizing office
1:00 Play Scrabble on computer. Think about exercise.

Had enough of my day?


Anonymous said...

If you are bored you can try the 7 links challenge on my blog.

Jeanne said...

I'm on my way.

Bodacious Boomer said...

Personally, I don't understand the need to post the second by second minutia of our lives. But then perhaps that's because I don't have one.

Sunkissed Adventures said...

You should go on vacation, I know a great travel agent ;)