Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leaving My Impact on the World

     Sometimes I wonder about myself.  What causes us to go above and beyond other normal human beings to create things that will leave our lasting imprint on the scores of humanity who will come after us and scratch their heads at the term "Baby Boomers?"

     Will they be searching, as archeologists do, in ancient mounds in the year 3000 to sift through chicken wing bones and dirty laundry and totally non-degradable computers to find blogs about  all sorts of topics from toilets to peeing to lack of exercise and blatherings of all sorts of you-had-to-be-there topics?

     Or will the ramblings of ancient Baby Boomers be scoffed at as earwax in the ears of a turbulent society that no longer exists, other than in songs and writings. As I work on creating my No Impact Videos for Exercise, I wonder, who but Jeanne Kraus would waste her time in such a way?

     Then I watched several other YouTUbe videos and mine started to look polished and, um, even planned out. By the way, I just read about a woman in Texas who gave birth to a 16 pound child. I guess if I am going to leave the world some startling inheritance, I am glad that it is smaller than a breadbox, especially if it is going through my birth canal! Ouch.


Rosalind Adam said...

I'd never thought about our impact on future archeologists. Ours will be known as the Plastic Bag Period. I love the sound of a No Impact Exercise regime. Now that's my kind of exercising!

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of us will be lucky to have our grandchildren and maybe our great grandchildren remember us. It is only a very few that leave something to be remembered by for generations to come...a book, a poem, a painting or sculpture, a great discovery. Your exercise videos will be in the Smithsonian for sure. Your book will be making people giggle well on into the next century and beyond. You have made/are making your "impact".

Bodacious Boomer said...

I saw that BIG baby. He was ginormous indeed!

Jeanne said...

It must be true about everything being bigger in Texas!