Saturday, April 23, 2011

A-Z Tantalizing Tidbits for T

Terminated Terminator
Tricky Tough Terrain
Torpedo Trouble
Terrifying  Threatening Tornado
Turtle Topiary

T-Rex Topiary

Teeny Tiny Trendy Telephones
Two Typewriter Tattoos

Troubling Times in Transylvania Territory
Ten Tiny Tender Toes

Trampoline Tricks

Tantalized by Tasty Tidbit in Toilet

Triangle Tingle

Tilted Trailer Truck in Traffic

Trolling for Toys
Tattered Tendrils of Traveling Tumbleweed

Treasure Trove

Well, that's it for Today! Tomorrow Tune in for Understated U.


Empty Nest Insider said...

Terrific pictures with treasured captions to a T! Very well done. Julie

Anonymous said...

Wow..poor old Arnold. I don't think he'll be the looks of him he shouldn't be back.
Great words.

Charmaine Clancy said...

I want a T-Rex Topiary in our front yard, that would be awesome.
Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

Robyn Campbell said...

YIKES! The Terminator is lookin' like he's eaten a bit too many bread sticks. And chocolate. How could this happen?

Love these pics. Well done T. You rock! :-)

Michelle Gregory said...

rather shocking to see Arnold getting old.

Brooke Rousseau said...

As witty as ever! I want a turtle topiary, but my kids would probably prefer the T-Rex.

Eliza said...

Terminated terminator, love it :-) Great pics and captions. Thanks for visiting. Love your blog.

Rachael Harrie said...

Tee hee, love it! (Well, except for that first photo) :O



Elizabeth Mueller said...

Fantastic T's! You're great with captions you are. I loved the dog in the toilet one. Lol


Retired English Teacher said...

The terminated terminator comment was priceless!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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J.L. Campbell said...

I'm loving the pictures.