Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Sniff Test

     I hope you are all looking for the funny in life. It is there all the time. I probably run into 3-4 stories a day that I could write about, showing my unique Jeanne Kraus perspective on them. But they are there, just waiting for you to reflect on them.
      My son, Jeff, and his fiancee, Shannon came over to visit today. Being that it is Christmas Eve, they are here for a few days, which makes me very happy indeed. Along with them came Abbey, Mutt Extraordinaire, who is the subject of many of our funny stories. 
Foot Pads or Fritos? You be the judge.
    Today's story came compliments of Jeff. 
    "Did you know that all dogs' foot pads smell like Fritos?" he asked conversationally. 
     He went on to tell us that one day at work, a number of years ago, one of his co-workers, perhaps after too much of some illegal substance, confided in him, "Yo, Dude, did you know that all dogs' feet smell like Fritos?" 

Fritos or Dog Feet? You be the judge!

     Now Jeff is the original Show Me and Prove it to Me or I'm Taking You Down kind of person. He went home, researched and stuck his nose into each one of Abbey's paws, and came to his own conclusions. He was right! We don't know for sure that it is every dog...but we haven't found one that doesn't pass the sniff test. Try it!

Sniff! Sniff!


Anonymous said...

Now I know why I never liked Fritos.

NannieB said...

I had to laugh I will never sniff my dogs feet though because I do happen to like fritoes...LOL and would like to continue to do so.