Thursday, December 22, 2011

       My days of spending time at the doctor have dwindled down to maybe one out of every ten days. The latest thing I have noticed in some of the doctors' offices is that they move you around like cattle moving closer to the slaughterhouse. 

    The last 2 visits I had, I got called to fill out the forms, called again to bring my co-pay, called to go into the inner sanctum (YAY!) and put in a second waiting room. I can't complain because I got to watch the Ellen show in its entirety but really! Why so long of a wait? Last week was three hours' wait and it took so long that they were not able to do the procedure on me that they wanted because the nurse left at 5:00 and I had not been seen yet. So I had to come back the next day. 

     Different Doctor: Today the nurse once again ushered me into a second waiting room with a TV where I was able to catch an episode of Matlock, enjoying the 70's hairstyles. The major complaint I had about this room was that a gum-chewing woman came and sat next to me. A clicker and a clacker and a popper and a bubble blower, all infused with a uncharmingly fruity scent. Barf! I was relieved when they came to get me. 

     But the good news is that I will be signing a contract for my third children's book with Magination Press. I am anxious to work on it...I love their books. That's the latest with me! What's up with you?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on number 3.

Michael Offutt, Supra-Genius said...

Wow three books. Congratulations on your success. Sorry to hear about the health related issues. I hope 2012 brings you better health so you don't have to go through whacky doctor choices.