Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trading Places

     How many times have your watched a loved one who is ill and think to your generous and loving self, "I wish I could trade places with you right now, to make your life a better one?" That thought has entered my mind as my sister, Diana, has endured one setback after another in her quest to get to surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on her leg.
     The good news for her is that it finally seems to be happening. I am happy to report that her tumor seems to be responding to the radiation. Seems to be a little smaller and weaker in our professional opinions. And...she is back to being able to eat, a big worry for us, since she lost 10 pounds. It is great to hear her voice happier and stronger when I call.
     The bad news is that I, once again, am trying to one-upmanship her in the sympathy department. It seems that I have had an asthmatic condition for quite a while, which accounts for my shallow breathing. As the pulmonologist pointed out succinctly, "Your breathing is lousy." So I am taking some inhalation therapy to see if it helps. So far I am coughing like a...coughing person, I guess. In addition, my little toe somehow must have gotten jammed somewhere when I was not looking, and is turning bruised and purple. How do you get an injury like that and not know? Is there going to be a time soon when we are both healthy at the same time? Stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy a funny little video that made me laugh.It turns out that it is the Voca People, who portray aliens ( I thought they were match-heads) and are quite a sensation.


Bodaciousboomer said...

Glad to know your sis is better; but sorry you're now having such a bad time. Breathing difficulties scare the wazoo outta me.

Love the Voca people BTW.

mybabyjohn/Delores said...

Best wishes to your sister in her ongoing battle and sorry to hear your little "piggie" is suffering.

Joanne said...


I just got over pneumonia (2 courses of antibiotics and a course of steroids)I coughed for a month. You can probably imagine how much fun that is for a woman was borne 5 children! Thank God for Poise pads!
All I can say to you is this too will pass. I'll keep you and your sister in my prayers.

Jeanne said...

Joann, It is funny you should mention that. I am going to go back to the dr on Monday for a chest x-ray to see if it has developed into pneumonia. Usually I can tell when I cannot eat anything that I have pneumonia but this cough is wicked and you are right. Hurray for poise! Love it.