Sunday, January 3, 2016

Familiar and Unfamiliar

Familiar and Unfamiliar

I guess it was good to let UB know that he would be moving from his familiar apartment to an unknown place, at least to him, in the Memory Care Unit where he lives.  I know it is filled with loving and caring people, it is clean, bright and friendly, it has activities and fun things for the residents. But UB just sees it as a scary place that is not what he is used to. And it is making him….well, really crabby.

He is trying to gain control back. He wants to do the packing and the planning and make the decisions, all of which are impossible for him. He is angry with me for making decisions for him. He accuses George and I of wanting to steal all of his worldly belongings.
For the last few days, he has set up little tea parties in the living room and dining room. 
Tea Party Ala Uncle Bill
He expects people to come to visit, but is not sure why they don’t show up. He tells stories of groups of people visiting him in his living room, watching TV together. 

He is restless, pacing back and forth, endlessly searching for missing items. He has lost hearing aids, teeth, an adult bib, 2 checks from his annuity, and all of the mail that arrived for 2 weeks, till I had it switched over to my house.
Today we started to pack. It was stressful. I had to separate what he packs from what I pack, because not all of it is going to the new place. He is confused and not sure what belongs to him. (It all does but he thinks some of it belongs to the retirement association.) He keeps getting between me and what I am packing. 

My original intent was to stay all day till the packing was done but after 2 hours, I am done. 

Tomorrow the movers come…and we start again.


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Liz A. said...

Yikes. Is there a way to get him out of the apartment while you pack? Maybe take him on some sort of outing that he'll find fun? It would require a helper, but that might get the packing done.

Jeanne Kraus said...

Liz, today we have a healthcare aide that will stay with him. He seems to respond to her better than anyone else so I think it will be a relief. At least I hope so. And he is afraid to go anywhere. He wants to come right back to make sure no one is stealing from him. Aye!