Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Since March

Well it has been an awfully long time since I wrote. Life has intervened in many unfortunate ways for my progress as a blogger. On May 14th, I managed to take a header at work and fall face down onto a sidewalk for no apparent reason. I landed pretty much looking like  a road kill. 

 The left half of my face was pretty bad, my glasses broke. The good news was no concussion, no broken bones or teeth. A miracle actually considering the major "Thunk" my head made as it hit the pavement. That part has cleared up pretty well for the most part. The worse part was my right leg. I managed to fracture my femur quite badly.

Take Care When Peeing
I was not quite sure that it was a problem break until all my doctors looked at the x-ray shaking their heads. Evidently it is a bad thing. So now I am in an immobilizer (the opposite of a mobilizer) and cannot put weight on my right leg for 3-4 months.
Workmen's Comp sent me back to work after 2 weeks. I still had a black eye and colorful face and was in a lot of pain. When I asked for an extension to stay home longer, the doctor told me I should "Suck it up!"
Suck it up!
So I have been sucking it up at home. It is pretty hard. To add to the general mix, my husband has two invalids he is caring for. Me, and his mother, at two different houses. He stays over there because she cannot be alone. Then he comes over here when he gets relief from our care giver. He helps me with what I need to be independent until the next time he comes over.
He is amazing. But enough is enough. I think we will probably move his mom here and sell her house. Visions of the the mother in law on "Everybody Loves Raymond" pepper my thinking.

 I don't think it will be an easy transition but at least all of the wounded will be under one roof. Just as long as George stays healthy....


Anonymous said...

Oh have been having a rough time. Virtual hugs and hot chocolate headed your way. Here's hoping the "man of the hour" can hold up.

Bodaciousboomer said...

Good God woman! If you needed extra attention you coulda just asked.

I hope you mend quickly. In the meantime choose what you kick carefully my friend.

Susan Kane said...

OMG, Jeanne! Things happen so fast...I have had my share of falling down, but you win the trophy! Hope you get good news soon.

MC Howe said...

Good Heavens! I'd heard about your broken leg, but what an ordeal! I hope you are healing enough to somewhat enjoy your summer. At least you don't have to worry about workman's comp now. Do drop me a line sometime to let me know how you are.